Writers write, right?

I have always wanted to be a writer.

When I was a teenager, I wrote quite a bit. After those early years of writing, I decided I needed more life experience before I could truly be a writer.

Over the years, I scribbled on the back of postcards, sending friends and family messages from beyond my hometown. I wrote heartfelt letters to others across the miles, making tangible and personal connections. I filled journal pages with hopes, dreams, and the occasional disappointment. Years ago, my first Reading Diary found its way into my hands and the practice continues today.

Yet, I never considered myself a writer.

As I gained life experience, I became too busy to find the time to truly write. All I could do was think about writing.

Until, in 2018, I reconnected with a childhood friend who asked, “Are you still writing?”

My lifelong friend remembered a time in my life when I wrote and encouraged me to start writing, again.

And so I did. As I work on my debut novel, I can now bravely proclaim myself a writer.

I’m pretty excited about my book and I’ve created this blog to allow others to join me on my journey from first draft to publication. Join me and bring your friends!

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