The Road to Writing

Writing is hard work and time consuming. Sometimes, I get asked about my progress and my novel. For inquiring minds, I have listed some common questions along with my answers below.

  • What kind of book are you writing?
    I am writing a coming-of-age novel. This genre of book emphasizes the psychological and moral growth of the main character who is usually a young person on the road to adulthood. Some classic titles in this genre are Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Even the Harry Potter fantasy series is considered a coming-of-age novel.
  • Is your book a memoir?
    No. My book is fiction. However, like most writers, I have drawn upon my experiences as a youth and people I know for inspiration. Some scenes in my book are based on real-life experiences, then fictionalized to better suit the story.
  • Did you take some writing classes or workshops?
    Yes, I did. In 2017, my son gave me a subscription to a MasterClass online writing class. The sessions motivated me to started tinkering with my book idea. I also took a workshop offered through the University of Wisconsin. Then, I discovered a free offering on Facebook with The Publishing Circle. I credit this mini writer’s camp for really lighting the fire in me in 2020. I am currently a member of a writer’s group. We meet twice a month to receive instruction and pointers from our group coach/mentor.
  • Do you read a lot of books?
    Yes, I do. According to the Pew Research Center, the average American reads 12 books a year. I read about three times as many books as the average American. I am a member of three book clubs. By reading, I learn so much about character development, story pacing, point-of-view, etc. I don’t see how a person can write a book without being a lover of books.
  • How is your book coming along?
    It’s a slow process. I have finished the first draft and nearly finished the first edit. The first edit tunes the first draft into a better version of itself. Some scenes stay, some go. New ones may be introduced. I compare this process to a coloring book. The first draft is like a page from a new coloring book. All the images are there but empty of color. When I add depth and color to each page, the image becomes more alive for the reader.

Please feel free to ask me questions and also sign up at my website for continued updates for this blog. I will be searching for beta readers in the future. Will you be on my team?


  1. Always here to spur on a fellow writer. Great info you have here on your project. Wishing you all the best for it!

  2. Sami Ragsdale says:

    Looking forward to reading the final copy.

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